Are you or a loved one struggling with the challenges of ADD/ADHD, anxiety, insomnia, or migraines?

Are you looking for ways to unlock peak performance in business or sports?

Do you want to improve your focus and memory?

A Brain Map or QEEG is the first step on your journey to a brain that performs exactly the way you want it to. It’s used to look at brainwave patterns and find any areas that can be improved with neurofeedback training. This technology could help with focus, sleep, anxiety, depression, migraines, memory and more.

What is QEEG?

A QEEG, or quantitative electroencephalogram, is a type of brain mapping that measures electrical activity in the brain. It is often used to visualize patterns associated with epilepsy, ADHD, anxiety and depression. The process involves placing sensors on the scalp to record brain waves, which are then analyzed to identify patterns and abnormalities. It’s non-invasive and doesn’t put anything in your brain. It monitors the way that the brain functions and then gives it feedback so that it can train itself!

One of the key benefits of QEEG is its ability to provide a more detailed and objective view of brain function, enabling trained healthcare professionals to make more informed decisions about diagnosis and treatment.

The findings of the QEEG help us determine whether you can be helped with Neurofeedback Therapy – a non-invasive, non-drug, cutting-edge approach to addressing neurological disorders and improving brain function. 

Dr. Keri Chiappino, DC DACNB BCN

See Our Patients’ Experience with Neurofeedback Training

Brenda Faverio
June 10, 2023

I came to New Beginnings Wellness Center on the recommendation of a friend. I can not say enough as to how pleased I have been with the care I have received. The center is clean, well run, and a calming environment. Staff members are friendly, accommodating, professional, and well trained. The chiropractic care is excellent. You will feel heard and your needs will be met. Procedures will be well explained, effective, and personalized to you. I am halfway through a course of neurofeedback sessions and have seen many positive changes. I highly recommend the center to those seeking this type of care.

Shannan Maida
June 6, 2023

My son was diagnosed with ADHD around the age of 6 but has been struggling with reading since kindergarten, with his impulsivity being one of the main factors in his struggles. Before resorting to medication Dr. Chiappino and New Beginnings Wellness center was recommended to us. Dr. Chiappino and her staff have been nothing but welcoming and supportive since day one. We began a nine week at home Neurofeedback training program with my son to help with his attention and impulsivity. From day one Dr. Chiappino has been checking in with us at least twice a week to see how things are going and the results she is seeing on her end. It has been a great experience and we are looking forward to the end results!

Lisa Hoffman
October 18, 2022

New Beginnings is an oasis for healing. Dr. Keri and her staff are warm and welcoming. As a holistic practitioner myself, I have referred many people. Chiropractic adjustments are necessary for wellness. I’ve benefited from her neurological assistance with the brain core program. This practice is a must do in your healing toolbox!

Legs Of Faith
March 8, 2022

I have been a patient of Dr. Chiappino’s for over 16 years now. I am in a wheelchair & was born with a very complex condition that comes with frequent complications that often leave me absolutely debilitated. In recent years, my husband and I have come to the conclusion that our home is no longer accessible to me and my needs. We had to make the decision recently as to whether or not we were going to stay in our home or move out of state and build our home from scratch. Well, recently we decided to stay and renovate our home to accommodate those needs. One of the single biggest deciding factors was in fact, staying close to Dr. Chiappino and her amazing staff. Dr. Chiappino’s treatments have been SO crucial to my wellbeing that I now come every 6 weeks to keep my complications & pain levels to a minimum. Dr. Chiappino has given me a quality of life that I truly could not have if I was not under her care. Dr. C & her staff have come to my rescue more times than I can count over these last 16 years and I am deeply grateful. At one point last summer, I was experiencing life altering complications that drastically lowered my quality of life for some time. I decided to give neurofeedback a try for 3 months and honestly for me, it was life changing in the best way imaginable. It gave me my quality of life back. I just can’t say enough about how much New Beginnings Wellness Center has impacted my life. In terms of her staff and the office itself, just like Dr. C, her staff is incredibly compassionate, kind, personable and make me feel so welcome each and every time. The atmosphere of her office is incredibly soothing and puts you at ease almost instantly. I absolutely love coming to her office! All in all, I truly don’t know what I’d do without Dr. C’s treatments and continued support. In my opinion, it just doesn’t get any better than NBWC.

James Kovic
August 19, 2021

This is a fantastic chiropractic office! You will get exemplary personal service every time you visit here. Dr. C. is the most knowledgeable, compassionate, professional. I have been coming to her for about 10 years and I’ve also used her for Brain Core Therapy, which was very effective. I receive chiropractic care at least one time a week, and sometimes more if I need it. She has never disappointed me and goes out of her way to listen and address all of my needs. I highly recommend her. You will not be disappointed. I feel great each time I walk out of her office.

Cherie Diamond
October 23, 2019

I have been going to Dr. Keri Chiappino for over 10 years, she is a phenomenal chiropractor and person! She is so caring about her patients! Braincore has been a wonderful addition to my self care for myself and my daughter. I highly recommend their practice.

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