Pediatric Chiropractic

Pediatric chiropractic is a specialized branch of chiropractic care that focuses on the health and well-being of children. It involves gentle and safe adjustments to the spine, joints and cranium to promote proper alignment and nervous system function. The amount of pressure used on an infant is no more than the weight of a nickel, or the pressure you would use to check the ripeness of a tomato. 

Pediatric chiropractic care including pediatric craniosacral therapy can help with many childhood challenges including colic, reflux, constipation,  plagiocephaly (flattened head syndrome), torticollis, ear infections, chronic illnesses, bedwetting and “growing pains”. By addressing any misalignments in the spine and cranium, chiropractic adjustments can help improve nerve function and alleviate the condition and symptoms.

Ear infections are some of the most common reasons parents seek care. A child’s eustachian tube is shorter, narrower and more horizontal than the adults’. This shape can create an environment where fluid cannot drain easily and stagnant fluid can lead to repetitive ear infections. Chiropractic care can help facilitate drainage by reducing spasms and promoting proper alignment. 

Additionally, pediatric chiropractic care can support a child’s overall growth and development. It can help improve their posture, balance and coordination which can be beneficial for activities such as sports and physical play. With the current climate of competition in sports, chiropractic can not only give your child an edge but can also prevent injuries. Chiropractic care can also enhance the immune system, helping children stay healthy and resilient against illnesses. Dr. Chiappino underwent specialized training to treat children and continues to further her studies in pediatric care. We use gentle techniques that vary based on the child’s size, age and developmental stage to make sure it is comfortable and a great experience for the entire family.

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