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Pregnancy and Breech Presentation

Getting adjustments during pregnancy is one of the most important things women can do for herself and her child. Chiropractic care provides a non-invasive way of treating conditions that are associated with pregnancy including sciatica, lower back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder tension and headaches.

One of the most important areas to address for easing labor and delivery is the position of the pelvic bones. If the pelvis is in the proper position, back labor is less frequent and the chance of having a breech presentation is reduced. In a typical prenatal visit, the patient is adjusted to ensure pelvic alignment.

Should a patient have a breech presentation, chiropractic care is very effective in restoring pelvic alignment which allows the baby to move into the proper position.
The uterus is a pouch-like sac that is attached to both sides of the pelvis. When the pelvis is misaligned, the uterus becomes slightly torqued. In some cases, the stress on the uterus does not allow the baby to move freely. This results in a breech presentation. A chiropractic technique called Webster Protocol is quite successful in repositioning the pelvic bones, enabling breech babies to turn naturally on their own.

To learn more about the benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy, visit the American Pregnancy Association. Be sure to also check out our videos below.

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