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Are you tired of not being heard or helped?

Are you tired of being prescribed cookie-cutter treatments that do not produce results? At New Beginnings Wellness Center, we take the time to listen and focus on the WHOLE you so that we can create a custom plan to get you back to feeling great and being your very best! Our holistic approach to wellness combines the science of chiropractic neurology, neurofeedback, and traditional chiropractic to help you overcome issues that have been draining you physically and emotionally. We are here for you and your family.

suffer from anxiety or feel depressed

struggle with the loss of focus

can’t sleep

suffer from chronic pain or stiffness

feel stressed

don’t feel like yourself anymore

You can and WILL feel better!

Wellness Services Designed to Help You Feel Better

The brain affects the body and the body affects the brain! We need a healthy partnership to promote wellness. At New Beginnings Wellness Center in Smithtown, NY, we provide a comprehensive approach to wellness care that brings balance to the brain and body.


Neurofeedback is a cutting edge, non-invasive technology that creates re-organization of disordered brainwave patterns resulting in less anxiety, more focus, restful sleep, sharper memory, less pain, and lighter moods leading to overall healthier cognitive and emotionally healthier regulation!

Chiropractic Care

The nervous system controls every cell, organ and tissue in the body! Interference in this system can create a tirade of symptoms. We know by restoring normal alignment to our joints we reduce this interference allowing the body to heal and recover. When you feel better you move better and motion is LIFE!

Chiropractic Neurology

Chiropractic Neurologists take a brain-based approach to neurological disorders, offering new hope to those who have not found relief from conventional treatment. Since 1997, we have assisted many patients to regain their health through natural non-invasive therapies to improve the function of the central nervous system.

New Beginnings Wellness Center, Your Final Step to Recovery

At New Beginnings Wellness, we take an entirely different approach to caring for our patients than a traditional chiropractic clinic. We often have been referred by others as the “last stop on the train line”, since we have provided relief to so many people when they were unsuccessful elsewhere. Many of our typical patients have been to multiple medical doctors and/or chiropractors and have not gotten the results that they were hoping for. 

Through our method of spending time with and giving each patient individualized attention, we are able to identify the source of the problem and create a personalized plan of recovery to deal with the current issue at hand as well as help prevent any recurrences in the future. 

By infusing chiropractic neurology, BrainCore therapy, or craniosacral therapy with standard chiropractic treatments, our success rate for pinpointing the solution for our patient’s issues is considerably higher. 

If you have walked down the path of ineffective treatments and misdiagnoses in your journey to find relief, let our team at New Beginnings Wellness put you on the right road to recovery.  

Dr. Keri Chiappino, DC DACNB BCN

Who Do We Serve?

Here at New Beginnings Wellness Center, we treat newborns all the way through the senior years. We’ve had the honor of checking infants shortly after birth, toddlers suffering from ear infections, children with focus and attention issues, teenagers with anxiety, moms with sleep issues, dads with irritability and depression and seniors with chronic pain. We often tell patients to let us know everything that is a concern and if we can’t help we will help direct you to someone who can. Our goal is to serve you on your path to wellness and walk step by step with you so you are fully supported. We get that life can feel overwhelming and with the time and family commitments it can be a challenge. We are here for you!

What Our Patients Are Saying


I came to New Beginnings Wellness Center on the recommendation of a friend. I can not say enough as to how pleased I have been with the care I have received. The center is clean, well run, and a calming environment. Staff members are friendly, accommodating, professional, and well trained. The chiropractic care is excellent. You will feel heard and your needs will be met. Procedures will be well explained, effective, and personalized to you. I am halfway through a course of neurofeedback sessions and have seen many positive changes. I highly recommend the center to those seeking this type of care.


My son was diagnosed with ADHD around the age of 6 but has been struggling with reading since kindergarten, with his impulsivity being one of the main factors in his struggles. Before resorting to medication Dr. Chiappino and New Beginnings Wellness center was recommended to us. Dr. Chiappino and her staff have been nothing but welcoming and supportive since day one. We began a nine week at home Neurofeedback training program with my son to help with his attention and impulsivity. From day one Dr. Chiappino has been checking in with us at least twice a week to see how things are going and the results she is seeing on her end. It has been a great experience and we are looking forward to the end results!


Highly recommend! I was in agony with my neck and back when I started. I felt improvement after one visit. Great atmosphere, caring knowledgeable staff, always a pleasure to be there. I had previously been using a doctor for 20 years whom I loved, but moved out of the area. I cant believe how blessed I am to have been recommended to Dr Chiappino. I have truly found someone that is helping my pain and difficulties. I have nerve and muscle issues from radiation treatment as well as injury and compensation issues. Very thorough evaluation and clear treatment plan. Definitely would recommend to anyone needing help.


I have had lower back pain for many years. It has been a wonderful experience every-time I have visited this office, for the last 10+ years. The entire staff is amazing!! The minute you walk into Dr. Chiappino’s office, you feel a sense of peacefulness and serenity. You get top notch service and there’s never a wait. They do an amazing job with scheduling their patients. Before your initial adjustment, you get a full, comprehensive exam. Dr. Keri gets a handle on what your issue is before she even adjusts you! That’s so important! Their office is spotless. They go to great measures to make sure they disinfect between patients. They address specific, individualized needs. I feel a sense of relief each time I leave there. Years ago, I went through a difficult time and suffered terrible anxiety. Dr. Chiappino recommended I try Brain Core Therapy, at her office and went through great lengths to make sure I could also afford it. Initially, I was hesitant, but it’s totally non-invasive, causes NO pain and it was very easy and fun to do. It was life changing. It completely cured my anxiety! She will recommend other health care providers, if needed. I had a problem with my ears and she referred me to an amazing ENT, in Port Jeff! She does whatever it takes to make you feel better. Now, THAT’S a great physician!! Dr. Chiappino REALLY cares about her patients and always gets to the root of the problem. She’s one of the most compassionate and knowledgeable doctors I have ever met!!!


New Beginnings is an oasis for healing. Dr. Keri and her staff are warm and welcoming. As a holistic practitioner myself, I have referred many people. Chiropractic adjustments are necessary for wellness. I’ve benefited from her neurological assistance with the brain core program. This practice is a must do in your healing toolbox!


My mom is a patient of Dr. Keri and recommend I see her for my back pain and I’m SO HAPPY I did. I have had sciatica pain for most of my adult life and was feeling terrible lately. After the first visit I had instant relief and it got better each time. I’m now on my 5th or 6th visit and I’m feeling almost pain free. Dr Keri was so thorough and patient. I would highly recommend!!


Dr Chiappino cares about her patients - she listens carefully and offers the right treatment. She answers all my questions and explains things to me clearly and with patience. Additionally, her staff is supportive and works diligently to accommodate my crazy schedule.


Dr. Kerri is the absolute best. So kind, caring, intelligent and takes her time with each patient. She sees both my husband and myself and we recommend her to everyone. She has helped us tremendously and we feel better each time we see her! They are also very covid safe, and we love the receptionist Debbie too!

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