Healing Insomnia: Unlocking Restful Sleep with The Body Code

Anyone that has experienced a lack of sleep for any reason, can attest that it can be one of the most disruptive and disabling challenges to deal with! Insomnia, an issue that can manifest as persistent difficulties in initiating or maintaining sleep, leads to daytime fatigue, irritability, and impaired cognitive function. It affects our memory, capacity for physical endurance throughout the day, ability to efficiently solve problems, and regulate our emotional responses and reactions. If these sleep issues become chronic, then the related health issues can become very serious. It can cause prolonged disruptions in Nervous System regulation and function, Cardiovascular and Respiratory issues, Reproductive cycles, Digestion/Weight issues and increase chance of Dementia, Alzheimers, and Parkinson’s disease.

So what can we do to resolve this issue that can wreak havoc on our physical health, emotional well-being, and overall quality of life? This article will help you to understand the “anatomy” of sleep and the intricate interplay between the functions of the subconscious mind and sleep cycles, and how Stress levels and Unresolved Trauma can be at the root causes of insomnia. We will also explore how the holistic energy healing method known as The Body Code offers a transformative approach to resolving insomnia and restoring harmony to the body’s natural sleep rhythms.

Insomnia and the 4 Stages of Sleep

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that manifests as persistent difficulties in initiating or maintaining sleep, leading to daytime fatigue, irritability, and impaired cognitive function. The 90 minute sleep cycle consists of four stages: NREM (non-rapid eye movement) stages 1, 2, and 3, followed by REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. We repeat this 90 minute cycle throughout the night, for the recommended 8 hours of sleep. Each stage plays a vital role in the body’s restorative and healing processes, including memory consolidation, hormonal regulation, and emotional processing. The majority of the population do not get the length of sleep required to complete enough cycles of sleep to get the deep, restorative sleep that happens during the second half of continuous rest. The deepest and most restorative sleep happens in the early morning hours between 2-4am, where most complain of waking up. So, if that is the most important part of our sleep cycle, why isn’t the body prioritizing keeping us asleep during that time? This is where the Subconscious regulation comes in.

The Subconscious Mind’s Role in the Sleep Cycle

The Subconscious Mind orchestrates the intricate dance of the sleep cycle, regulating transitions between wakefulness and rest. It processes emotions, integrates new experiences, and maintains internal balance during sleep. This is what allows our body to tune into its natural “internal clock” called the Circadian Rhythm which oversees Sleep patterns, Hormone release, Appetite and digestion, Temperature, Metabolism, Hunger, and Memory consolidation. However, there are factors that can disturb these natural patterns and cause sleep to be affected. We are going to discuss the leading cause of this disruption….yep, the big S word!

The Impact of Stress/PTSD and Unresolved Trauma on the Subconscious and Sleep Cycles

Stress and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can profoundly impact the subconscious mind and circadian rhythms, disrupting the delicate balance of sleep-wake cycles. Heightened arousal, intrusive thoughts, and emotional distress can inhibit relaxation and trigger hyperarousal, making it difficult to fall asleep and maintain restful sleep throughout the night. When the body is in a Sympathetic State (fight or flight), then the body and mind are getting continuous signals that there is danger nearby. This can place us in a state of mental and emotional hypervigilance, and to ensure safety, our body will prioritize solving the problem of danger over the importance of sleep. Chronic stress can also put our Adrenals into overdrive, creating a state of physical stress known as “over-training” the body. This means that we have created such a high state of Sleep Pressure (cumulative energy spent throughout the day) that we become “over-tired” or “wired” even though we are exhausted. 

How The Body Code Can Effectively Help with Insomnia

There are many methods to approach insomnia, including improving Sleep Hygiene, to retrain the body into a healthy Circadian Rhythm. However, one of the issues we all face when starting the journey of healing insomnia, is trying to figure WHAT is actually causing the sleep disturbance in the first place. Understanding how it began is also the answer to how to heal it. The Body Code offers us the opportunity to do both!

The Body Code is an energy healing method that offers a holistic approach to resolving insomnia by identifying AND releasing energetic imbalances that disrupt sleep patterns. Through advanced techniques such as muscle testing and intuitive guidance, The Body Code practitioner can uncover underlying emotional traumas, trapped emotions, and subconscious beliefs contributing to insomnia. Not only can the unresolved trauma and emotions behind the stress be found and released, but the body systems and cycles affected by the chronic stress can be identified and repaired. By releasing these energetic blockages, The Body Code restores balance to the body’s systems, promoting deep, restorative sleep and overall well-being.

What to Expect During a Body Code Session

Each session is as unique as the individual that is experiencing it! Even though the overall process and application of the method is the same for everyone, the direction the healing goes is customized to the individual’s needs. During a Body Code session, clients can expect a safe and supportive environment as the practitioner guides them through the process of identifying and releasing energetic imbalances related to the issues they are experiencing. 

In the arena of sleep disturbance there are 5 Top Areas of Focus for finding the root cause of the issue:

  • General Exploration, Body’s Priority
  • Circadian Rhythm 
  • Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous System
  • Diurnal Cycle (specific time periods within the Circadian Rhythm)
  • 4 Stages of Sleep

Each area of focus is explored to see where the imbalances lay and what is causing them.

Typically a session is 30 mins long, but frequently it is suggested that a minimum of 3 sessions be completed to resolve the intricate way that an individual’s body has stored the imbalances causing the symptoms.

This gentle yet powerful energy healing technique, offers clients the opportunity to experience profound shifts, and is the perfect complement to other methods being used by traditional and alternative medical professionals.

Start Your Journey with the Body Code today!

If you’re tired of struggling with insomnia and yearn for restful, rejuvenating sleep, it’s time to explore the transformative power of The Body Code. Schedule your session today and embark on a journey of healing and restoration. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and awaken to a life of vitality, joy, and deep, restorative sleep. Your path to peaceful slumber awaits—book your Body Code session and reclaim your nights and your life!

About the Author

Jenny Israel, Certified Health & Spiritual Coach in Smithtown

Jenny Israel CPC

Jenny Israel is a Holistically focused Medical Intuitive and Spiritual & Health Coach in Smithtown, specializing in aligning her clients with their greatest Emotional health & awareness.

All of her experience has created a deep love for the partnership between the world of Science and the world of Spirituality. Her practice is based within the knowledge that we are not only a Body, but also a Soul, and how these two things are intimately connected through our Emotions. Jenny is a Certified and Accredited Life Coach and Certified Practitioner of The Emotion Code/Body Code, Soul Detective Method, & EFT/TFT. Book

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